• How much do theReplicas cost to hire?

    Please contact us for a quote. We would love to give you an instant quote but there are many variables that affect the price. These include peak dates, travel times, set times and finish times. We are VERY competitively priced…..you may be surprised, so please get in touch.
  •  Does your price include everything?

For convenience our quotes cover everything that was agreed upon
  •  Do you require a deposit?

    We require a deposit of 20% to secure the date. The deposit must be paid within 7 days of agreeing the booking. The deposit is non refundable.
  •  Do I select the set list or leave it to the band?

    We are experts in events like yours and know what works and what doesn’t. If there are songs on the playlist you particularly love or hate let us know. Otherwise you can leave it up to us.
  •  What happens if I cancel?

    We understand that in some circumstances, clients are forced to cancel their booking. If you find that this is necessary in your case then please contact us at the nearest opportunity to notify of the cancellation. Unfortunately, in this situation, your Deposit is non-refundable. In addition, if your cancellation is within 28 days of the date of your event you will be required to pay a Cancellation Fee, which is 50% of the agreed fee. Cancellations that occur within 14 days of your event will be liable to pay the agreed fee in full. These conditions are legally enforceable and it is important that clients are aware that we are prepared to use the Small Claims Court to recover outstanding fees if necessary.
  •  How long do you play for?

     Our fee is based on us playing up to 2 hours of music. How you split that up is            entirely up to you but we generally do 2 x 60 minute sets. We can however play          for longer at extra cost.

  •  What’s the line up?

    theReplicas are a 4 piece band consisting bass, drums, guitar and male vocal.
  •  How experienced is the band?

    theReplicas band members are all full time professional musicians. They have years of experience in the industry, and have performed at many prestigious occasions.
  •  Will theReplicas play some older songs too as we’re worried the “older crowd” may not enjoy the modern set?

    Rest assured, people of ALL ages will love theReplicas. We have selected our set VERY carefully and we are constantly refining it!
  •  Do theReplicas have “Public Liability” insurance and is all your equipment PAT tested?

    Yes, we have public liability insurance and all our gear is PAT tested. Documentation to prove this is available on request.
  •  How far do you travel?

    We travel both nationally and internationally to play at events.
  •  How much space do you need?

    Ideally we need a minimum space of 4m wide x 3.5m deep but we have been known to squeeze into smaller areas when absolutely necessary.
  •  Will I need to provide any equipment for the band?

    The band is fully self contained with PA system for up to 300 guests, sound desk and lights. We do require that the venue has at least two standard power points situated near the performance space.
  •  I would like the band to play outside what are the requirements for this?

    Open air events can be fantastic and we are happy to play outside but would need a suitable area such as a covered stage or marquee/gazebo for example. Potential rainfall etc needs to be taken into account. We will require access to at least two standard power points.
  •  Can you arrive in the morning to set up for an evening event?

       Yes. However an extra fee may be applicable.

  •  How long do you take to set up?

    Our quote includes us being available for up to 3 hours before our performance. We like to allow approx 1½ hours for the ‘get in’, PA set up and sound check. We will always run through a few numbers to fully balance the sound to the venue prior to each performance. Therefore, it is important that you account for this in your schedule. We will need to make some noise albeit it of the musical kind!
  •  How far in advance shall I book the band?

    Please book the band as soon as you can, we are already booking up into next year!
  •  Can theReplicas play recorded/background music between sets?

    Yes, we can provide a full integrated disco upon request.